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KaimerasPain's gameplay for Warstorm (WEB)

KaimerasPain played Warstorm

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KaimerasPain said...
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Hum... playin today while at work... I get slaughtered no matter what though... the card combinations just dont seem to work for me... guess I'll have to look into what I could be doing wrong...

Warstorm (WEB)

Genre/Style: Unknown/Unknown
Release Date: 05/NOV/08
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Like I offered, send me a trade request for some lower tier cards (white or gray) and you can have them!

Are you playing the single player quests? Or the auto match? Link me to a few battles of yours and maybe I can help with what is going wrong.
I just sent over a trade with 4 different cards. =) I had extras of the heros so I sent them over-
You are suppose to pick what you want from my cards. Elves? Orcs? Humans? Let me know and I will send you an assortment.
HAH, i really need to read up on what im doing.... I have a pretty good setup on the elves (i think), so I'm thinkin I need better humans, problem is they take so long to come out and are weak... lol
Got a trade done right this time! =)
Well.. almost... you picked a tier I don't give away :) But I sent you a TON of stuff.... just accept the trade.
HOLY CRAP! heh, thats a lot of cards.... =) U da man! now to sort through em and see what alls there! Thanks! =)~
Interesting game. Maybe I'll be good if I can get better cards. Still, kinda fun.
@mykalgaidin send me a trade request. Pick some gray or white title cards and you can have them out of my collection.
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